The benefits of holiday intensive swimming lessons for kids

School holidays can be a great time for kids to improve their swimming and gain confidence in the water.

An intensive week of school holiday swimming lessons offer a number of benefits for your child. These include:

  • Increased swim confidence as a result of better recall and repetition.
  • Improved swim strokes as a result of daily practice.
  • Improved muscle memory of swim skills due to repetition.
  • Faster progression of swim ability as skills are built on daily.
  • Boosts enjoyment in swimming
  • Great introduction to swimming for all ages if they haven’t had swimming lessons previously.

Our intensive swim program runs for one week occurring at the same time every day for five days in a row.

It can be a great introduction to swimming for all ages, it can help build skills quickly if your child has plateaued with their swimming, and it gives kids confidence in their abilities and skills in and around water.

Most importantly, your child will gain this confidence quickly because they can recall what they learned the previous day.

Continual repetition increases muscle memory of swim skills and your child will feel the improvement over the week, which can lead to boosted enjoyment out of swimming.

Our intensive swim program builds on skills progressively so kids find it easier to learn the next skill. Repetition and continual daily practice can transform a swim stroke they are struggling with. It is also a great refresher for all swim skills before they move into their next term of swimming lessons.

We all know swimming is an important life skill especially if you live around the water as we all do on the Northern Beaches. 

Give your child the opportunity to improve their swimming and boost their swimming confidence by booking into our upcoming school holidays swim lessons today!

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