Is your child swim carnival ready?

Give your child the advantage of improved skills for their school swimming carnival by attending our swim carnival readiness lessons this school holidays.

As we head into swimming carnival season, visits to the local swimming pool ramp up and stopwatches appear as parents ready kids for their school swim carnival races.

Feel they need extra encouragement and confidence for carnival day?

Know they are fully prepared and remembering all the elements required to swim their best race by signing your children up for our swim carnival readiness lessons over the summer holidays.

Our lessons will focus on the following skills:

  • Dives with streamline and breakouts for speed
  • Tumble turns for Back and Freestyle
  • Turns for Breaststrokes and Butterfly
  • Holding speed into turns
  • Stroke rates (speed)
  • Holding stroke technique
  • Continual kicking to hold stroke technique
  • Finishes
  • Individual Medley turns
  • Confidence to achieve their best

CONTACT US to find out more about our swim carnival ready lessons which run during the Summer holidays.