Our swim instructors and squad coaches are all qualified and receive ongoing training including yearly CPR courses, workshops, upskilling, monthly coach and instructor evaluations. All employees hold a current Working with Children Check.

We are proud to have male and female swim instructors of all ages including Northern Beaches parents and university students, many who learned to swim at NS Swim School themselves and continue to attend squads, compete in swim races and enjoy swimming for fitness and leisure.

Some of the NS Team have been with Narelle since the conception of the school over 24 years ago.

We regard our swim school as a family, providing quality lessons developed by Narelle’s experience of over 40 years in the industry.



About Narelle

Growing up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Narelle has always felt a deep connection to water and has been involved in the Australian swim industry since her teens.

In 2001, Narelle became the first Australian female on a major Australian swim team in an individual coaching capacity.

Since 1991 Narelle has placed swimmers on Olympic, World long and short course, Commonwealth Games, Pan-Pacs and major World Cup teams.

Narelle Simpson Swim School operated out of Manly’s ‘Andrew Boy Charlton’ outdoor pool since the winning of a tender in 1994 until the Aquatic Centre’s renovation.

Now known as NS Swim School, in 2015 the school moved to Brookvale to an indoor 18m pool where all the lessons are held. Squads continue in hired lanes at Manly Aquatic Centre.

Narelle Simpson



Bailey Miller
Swim Instructor

Hi, I'm Bailey. I swam with NS Swim School for many years and now I get to pass on my swim knowledge to all the children I teach. I am lucky to have such a fulfilling job. 

Brette Oberoi
Swim Instructor

Hi I'm Brette, I love swimming! I swam competitively throughout my childhood and teenage years and have always felt it was not only an essential life skill but also a fantastic form of exercise. I now have a 9 year old daughter who shares my love of swimming in all of its forms. It gives me great pleasure to teach my students and to see them gain confidence and improve each week. For me it's a hugely rewarding part of my life.

Cassidy Phillips
Swimming Instuctor

Hi I'm Cassidy, and I am a new edition to the NS Swim School in Term 4.
My photo is coming shortly. 

Cherene Hand
Squad Coach, Office Administrator, Swimming Instructor

Hi I'm Cherene. My swim journey first began with NS as competitive swimmer coached by Narelle over 20 years ago. This eventually turned into a passion for learn to swim teaching and eventually squad coaching as well. 
I have over 17 years experience in swimming teaching and squad coaching.
When i am not analysing a swimmers technique and helping my clients discover their own love of swimming, you will find me working in the office or managing the social media platforms.

"Swimming is 80% mental, 20% physical" and i look forward to sharing my passion with you.

Deb Thom
Office Co-ordinator & Swim Instructor

Hi I'm Deb. I have been a Swim Instructor since 2010 specialising in Parent and Child lessons, both in Singapore and now in Australia for Narelle. I have worked at NS Swim School since 2015 and feel privileged to work at such a great school. If I’m not in the pool you can find me on the pool deck supervising or in the office working with the administration team. I love to share my passion for the water with so many children and adults - how lucky I am to be doing such a rewarding job!

Erika Slaby
Relief Swim Instructor

Hi, I'm Erika. I am a qualified Early Years and Childhood teacher and have been involved in childcare for 20 years. My swim instructor qualifications include infant aquatics and teaching people with disabilities. I find teaching swimming very satisfying and rewarding. I love to watch the children grow in their confidence in the water.

Greg Tye
Relief Swim Instructor

Hi, I'm Greg. I am a keen swimmer, an ex-competition swimmer and water polo player, and I still compete with the Manly Masters Swim Club. I like to get the best out of the children no matter their swim level. I make my classes fun and I like to stretch the children to be the best they can be. I also teach adults to swim, as well as boys and girls with special needs. 

Gemma Wickham
Swim Instructor

Hi, I'm Gemma. I’ve always loved the water and I have been swimming, playing water polo and have been a part of Freshwater surf club since I was a kid. I became a swim teacher because I wanted to share my knowledge and love of swimming with others and I love getting to work with young children every day!

Janet Crerar
Office Co-ordinator & Squad Coach

Hi I'm Janet. I first found my love for swim teaching after the rewarding experience of watching my own 3 children learn to swim and develop into strong swimmers. I soon learnt that learning to swim is a skill for life. I then trained to be a swim teacher and squad coach through the NS Swim School. I now have over 17 years experience in swim teaching and squad coaching and am now a member of the NS Swim School Administration Team.

Kai Graham
Swim Instructor

Hi, I'm Kai. I started swimming from an early age as I’ve always loved being in the water. I have been swimming for 15 years and teaching for the last 2 years. Swimming has become my lifestyle, starting with formal lessons and swimming squad then eventually competing at regional and state levels. Being a swimming teacher is a rewarding experience for me. My teaching style would be best described as enthusiastic and engaging, always trying to get the best out of my students while being patient and considerate of their ability. 

Lauren Caruana
Swim Instructor

Hi, I'm Lauren. For me swimming is like walking, I don’t know when I started but I’ve always known it. I swam with Narelle when I was a school student. I graduated with a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) in December 2017 and have since been lucky enough to travel around the world and swim in some amazing places. I love passing on my love of water to all the children I teach.  

Karen Backhouse
Swim Instructor

Hi, I'm Karen. I have been swimming all my life and enjoy many water sports. In particular, synchronised swimming in which I still compete in Masters. I have been teaching for Narelle for many years, and still have great pleasure helping swimmers grow in confidence with their water skills and share in their happiness as they reach their goals.

Kate Lewis
Swim Instructor & Squad coach

Hi I'm Kate. My older brothers and I were part of Narelle’s learn to swim and swim squads on the Northern Beaches from a very young age. When I became a teenager, I wanted to teach younger children how much fun swimming can be, and 15 years later I still have a love for teaching and coaching all ages and abilities and working for Narelle.

Laura Crerar
Swim Instructor

Hi, I'm Laura. I’ve been working at NS swim school for 8 years and also learned to swim myself with Narelle when I was younger. Swimming has always been a big part of my life and I’ve always wanted to work with children, so this job perfectly suited me. I’m also currently studying to become a Primary school teacher at ACU. Working with kids is amazing and watching them improve is a rewarding experience.

Liz Osborne
Swim Instructor

Hi, I'm Liz. I have been working with the NS Swim School for over 12 years and have been involved with many levels of swimming from toddlers,  pre-schoolers, squads and nervous adults taking the plunge and trying to overcome their fear of the water, or simply improve their swimming technique. It’s great to see swimmers improve their technique through practice and hard work, and still be smiling at the end of the session. It is also very satisfying to know you are teaching a life skill, one that can have such a positive impact on peoples lives!

Luke McLean
Swim Instructor

Hi, I'm Luke. I have been swimming since a baby and with NS Swim School for as long as I can remember. I swim in Narelle's Squads now and enjoy teaching younger kids to swim as part of the NS team. I am a triathlete so I swim train regularly at Manly Aquatic Centre and enjoy ocean swimming, usually with the Bold and Beautiful group in Manly. It's great to share my knowledge I have gained at NS with others and inspire them to enjoy the sport of swimming. 

Mia Lieberman
Swim Instructor

Hi, I'm Mia, I am new to the NS Swim School Team in 2019. My photo is coming Shortly.

Ruth Hoekstra
Squad Coach & Office Administrator

Hi I'm Ruth. When returning to work post kids I was lucky enough to join a conversation about swim teaching.  My friend said 'We could do that' so we did. A couple of years later we decided to add Swim Coach to our qualifications. Whether it be juniors, seniors or adults I love to see goals achieved, with pride and smiles on faces. I will forever be sneaking down to the beach, pool or the TV to watch someone somewhere. Besides Narelle tells me getting up early keeps me young!

Sarah Murdoch
Swim Instructor

Hi I'm Sara, after many years swimming myself with NS Swim School, i have followed in their footsteps and have become a Learn to Swim Instructor. My photo is coming shortly.

Sharon Kilpatrick
Office Administrator

Hi , I'm Sharon. I have worked for NS Swim School for 7 years, firstly as an Instructor and the last 4 years in the office. My involvement with Narelle’s swim school began many years before I started working here, as my 4 children have all progressed their way through learn to swim to squad level. I really enjoy working in the office, as it allows me to meet all our families and see all those happy faces. Oh and of course, I can’t forget all the little hands I’ve stamped!

Tasma Woolley
Swim Instructor

Hi, I'm Tasma.  I am an Aquarius, and true to my star sign I love all things water. I’m a water polo player and triathlete. I have been swimming at NS Swim School since the age of 6 in learn-to-swim lessons progressing to Squad swimming. I am a happy and enthusiastic person and love working with children. 

Trish Lewis
Office Co-ordinator

Hi , I'm Trish. My family of 3 children followed Narelle to the Manly Swim Centre back in 1995 to swim in Narelle’s squads and learn to swim lessons. I found myself at the pool most afternoons, so Narelle asked me to help out in the office, and as they say “the rest is history” Narelle and I have experienced an extraordinary adventure over the last 24 years!

Viv Cresswell
Swim Instructor

Hi I'm Viv. My teaching expertise has been as a PDH/PE teacher. This led to me running water safety programmes for the Royal Life Saving Society. I am now a Life Saver at Dee Why SLSC,  training and assessing people for their Bronze Medallion. I like to surf my 9’ Longboard every day and I compete at the Australian Longboard Titles. Having been involved with water activities for many years, I believe it is so important that you become a competent swimmer. I love teaching little people to swim and giving them a skill for life.

Yasemin Culha
Swimming Instructor

Hi, I'm Yasemin, I am new to the NS Swim School Team in Term 3. I love teaching Parent and Child Classes. My photo is coming shortly.