Junior Squad: final squad Wednesday 23rd December 2020 and resume Tuesday 12th January 2021.

Senior Squad: finish Thursday 24th December 2020 and resume Monday 4th January 2021.


Christmas and New Year squad dates listed below:

Junior Squads

The final session is Wednesday 23rd December 2020. Squads resume on Tuesday 12th January.

Please note: January fees will be calculated for 3 weeks only.

Senior squads

The final session is Thursday 24th December. This will be our annual Christmas Eve 9k swim.

Squads resume on Monday 4th January.


Manly Squad timetable listed below.

Senior Squads:

Monday AM - 7.00 to 8.30am

Tuesday AM - 5.30 to 7am

Tuesday PM - 6.30 to 8pm

Wednesday AM - 7 to 8.30am

Thursday AM – 5.30 to 7am

NEW - Thursday PM - 6-7.30pm

Junior Squads:

Tuesday to Friday Morning – 7 to 8am


Our Junior and Senior Swim Squads are held in hired lanes in the outdoor heated pools at the Manly Andrew Boy Charlton Aquatic Centre.

Junior Squad sessions run for 1 hour and Senior Squad sessions run for 1 hour 30 minutes.

For all new bookings or changes to current bookings please email info@nsswimschool.com.au 

Please note pool entry must be paid to the Aquatic Centre and is not included in squad fees.

Junior Squads

Levels are based on ability not age.

THREE LEVELS: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

All four strokes are developed. Squads include skills and drills in all areas for fitness, speed and endurance.

Senior Squads

These squads are based on energy systems to enable the swimmer to gain fitness through muscle adaptation to enhance full potential in speed and endurance.

Our squads cater to all water sports; pool, open water, surf, triathlon, personal fitness and competition for all ages including Masters and special needs – multi-class competition.

Adult Stroke Technique focuses on analysing individual technique and providing drills to improve your swimming.

“Swimming is a continual test of mind, muscle and commitment to achieve your goal, Find the enjoyment in each session, try to the best of your ability and leave with a smile”

Coach Cherene


Luke McLean Swim Cap _ Manly