NSW State Age Surf Life Saving Championships 2020

Wow what a massive 3 days of racing this weekend at the NSW Surf Lifesaving Age Championships!
This is a lovely messaged we received :-
Pipi medalled in all 7 events she entered:- 1st in swim team and board relay, 2nd in swim, board and ironperson, as well as Cameron relay. 3rd in board rescue
She was killing it in the swim she looked so strong.

Reuben, Pipi’s brother who swims in your nipper squad took out 1st in the U9 individual board and all age board relay.
Narelle you have worked so hard with Pipi over the past 12 months for her to be 2nd in State for her surf swim is a massive achievement for her, especially knowing the amount of sessions all the other competitors do!!
The improvement this season in her swimming is mind blowing. We can’t thank you and NS Swim School enough for all your awesome coaching!!
Her weapon .. Natural Sports Energy got her through her 3 day program and kept her body in form for finals day today. Thankyou Team NS !