Thinking of doing an Ocean Swim Race ?

We share some tips from experienced National coach Narelle Simpson to help you achieve a great outcome.

  • Check all swim costumes, goggles and any equipment you will be using before during and after the race, a week before the event. Re-check everything and lay it out the night before, ready for the race.
  • Do not try any new goggles or supplements that you haven’t tested before.
  • Know the course layout before you start. Walk around it a week before to build familiarity. If in a new dam, lake, bay then visit the area before the event.
  • Keep your stroke long and powerful, keep your rhythm.
  • Don’t swim continually with your head forward (up) as this causes bad body position and drag. 
  • Look forward occasionally to check the position of the buoys.
  • Give it your best, that way you can never be disappointed. As the saying goes “Winning isn’t everything but wanting to is.”
  • Think positive and enjoy your race. If you are participating, you have already won!

If you would like to improve your swim or practice ocean swimming as part of your training regime, join our NS Swim School squads at Manly pool or summer sessions at Shelly beach on Wednesday afternoons.

For a list of upcoming ocean swims click HERE