Learn To Swim Home Workouts

Please remember to follow the steps below before doing any of the Home Workout videos or written programs.

Step 1 - When watching this YouTube video please enlarge to a full screen.

Step 2 - Do NOT look at any other YouTube videos presented on the side as I have spent days watching them and most give incorrect technique advise so please don’t watch them unless I have sent them to you.

Step 3 - Do these exercises with good technique and practise them slowly before increasing speed. Do not increase speed unless you can keep good technique. This is VERY IMPORTANT. 

Step 4 – If your technique is incorrect stop, rest, watch and look at their technique. Try again with the correct technique or wait for the next exercise.

Step 5 - If you feel any pain or discomfort stop immediately.

Step 6 - If you need to take extra rest just stop the video, stretch, have a drink of water or Natural Sports Energy, Energy+ or Warm Up (if you haven’t eaten well that day). When you are ready, start again. Don’t rest more than a couple of minutes or your body will cool down too much.

Step 7- Remember you do not have to start with as many repetitions as the coach is doing, you can build each day.

Step 8- If you have any injuries or health issues please consult your physician before doing these exercises. 

Enjoy your workout. I will be placing regular pool and dryland workouts so please follow the above instructions every time.

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NS Swim School Pool Workouts

Beginner Kicking Drills

Backstroke Kick Drills

Butterfly Kick Drills

Breaststroke Kick Drill

Breaststroke Arm Drills

Kicking and Stroke Drills

Tumble Turn Progressions

Turns (Individual Strokes)

Skill Set: Dead Man Start

Dryland Workout

This video is done by a professional and their technique is excellent but it is done a speed. Please do these exercises with good technique and slowly. Watch the full video through once before commencing and choose only a few exercises to start, then increase the amount each time you go through this video.

Children should be guided and/or assisted by an adult.

In the meantime, stay safe, fit and healthy. See you soon. Narelle

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