Autism Swim is the only certifying body specific to autism and aquatics worldwide.

NS Swim School has made the ongoing commitment to water education and safety for all and we are working closely with Autism Swim to deliver the best possible outcomes for all swimmers within our swim school.

Our staff receive ongoing training, resources and support in order to understand the differing needs and wants of the swimmers with other abilities; and to teach them in a way that is most conducive to their learning needs.

A list of our "Autism Swim Approved" Instructors can be found on  "Our Team" Page

The team at Autism Swim assist us, targeting three key areas:

1.Water Therapy

Ensuring our swimmers are comfortable and happy to be in and around the water. This sets them up with the best chance of learning. 

2.Water Safety

Water safety is imperative for every learner, however even more so for our swimmers who have a decreased ability to perceive risk and danger.

3.Learn to swim

Adapting and modifying our teaching techniques to ensure that we cater for all different learning styles and abilities. We work toward individual goals, rather than trying to fit learners into pre-determined ‘levels’. 

For more information about Autism Swim and the services they provide, please visit their website