Parent Information

What to bring to your lesson/squad

  • Your NS3 / NS Swim Provided Swim Cap. These caps to be worn for all Lessons and Squads.
  • Goggles
  • Flippers (Squads only)
  • Drink Bottle (Squads only)
  • We recommend for Squads a mesh gear bag to store/carry your equipment in.

If you are going to be away

  • All Learn to Swim and Squads continue throughout School Holidays. However NO Lessons/Squads are held on Public Holidays and during our Christmas/New Year Closure. See Events for Dates Events
  • No Make Up Lessons or Credit will be given for non- attendance; consideration will be given to broken limbs and hospitalisation.
  • Please Notify Office Staff if you intend on being away. A reduced fee will be calculated ONLY during School Holidays and if office is notified and ONLY if fee’s are paid prior to going away.

We are sun safe and you should be too

  • Please ensure you and or your child are wearing a good waterproof sunscreen, applied 20 mins prior to entering the water.
  • We recommend not wearing a loose rash vest as it impedes your swimming. If you would like your child to wear rash vest we recommend a thermal fitted ‘Toastie’ rash vest.
  • No surf clothing to be worn in Lessons/Squads (such as board shorts and loose rash vests) only thermal fitted ‘Toastie’ rash vests are acceptable.

Contact us for more information in regards to our Sun Safe

General health and safety

  • Children Under 10 must be accompanied by an Adult/Guardian (0ver 18yrs) at all times (including during all Learn to Swim and Squad Class times) as per Local Government Act 1993.
  • Toddlers and babies must wear appropriate swim nappies at all times in the water.
  • Swimmers will not attend any lesson/squad if they have endured diarrhoea, vomiting or conjunctivitis within the last seven days as per the NSW Health Regulations.