SLSA Nippers Specific Training

Manly-Pool-5Narelle Simpson maintains that "if you can’t swim well in the pool, you can’t swim well in the surf".

She believes that pool training promotes good swim technique (preventing injury and making stroke more efficient) and that it encourages confidence in the surf.

Each Nipper( Surf Specific)  training session last 45-60 mins depending on ability.

Each session in the pool covers the following:

  • Drills & skills to teach the correct stroke and body position
  • Speed work
  • Surf-orientated skills
  • Endurance

If a nipper/ surf swimmer understands the good techniques required, their strength, confidence and endurance in the water will dramatically improve. Nipper training at NS Swim School concentrates primarily on freestyle and fitness.

Please enquire with our office or email for more information or to book.