Learn to Swim and Squads

We offer lessons, squads and water fit classes to all abilities and ages:

• Parent & Child • Pre-school Age • School Age • Teenagers • Adults • Special Needs


We are in Brookvale and Manly on the Northern Beaches, Sydney NSW

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NS Swim School

An outstanding reputation for talented and experienced staff, coaching some of our greatest local, national and international swimmers over three decades.


Narelle Simpson has an outstanding reputation for providing swimming lessons and squads. For over 37 years she has taught and developed swimmers on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. For 21 years, Narelle was owner and operator of the well known Narelle Simpson Swim School at the Boy Charlton Pool, Manly.

Now Narelle's 'NS Swim School' conveniently teaches children and adults of all ages at Brookvale and Manly - ensuring you can be confident and water safe no matter your your age. NS Swim School teachers and coaches specialize not only learn to swim and stroke correction but, competitive pool swimming, squads as well as surf, open water and developing triathletes.

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Brookvale (Learn to Swim + Squads)
9B Green Street, Brookvale, NSW, 2100

Manly (Squads only)
Manly Boy Charlton Pool,
1 Kenneth Road, Manly, NSW, 2095

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